Hillock International Senior Secondary School (HISSS) is owned and run by the Hillock Educational Trust (HET), a Charitable and Non profitable Educational Trust. The school is a completely residential, at a Hill station,-Sirumalai, near Dindigul. The HET is rejuvenated with a new blood on 01.06.2016, in its true spirit, to uphold the ideology of education. New board of trustees brought in is a milestone in the history of HISSS. The trust has its valued bond with Maharishi Educational Trust (MET), a pioneer in the educational field. HET is the legal entity for the school and is responsible for its financial stability and building its assets as well as its ethos and philosophy.

The School is recognized by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi [Affiliation No.:1930233]. The medium of instruction is English. Tamil is taught as second language & Hindi as third language in all classes upto class X. The classes are run from 4th std to 12th std.

The school is a co-educational one, integrating into its curriculum a concern for the environment, the spirit of community service and international peace and brotherhood.

On the surface, Hillock will be like most of the other well established privately managed co-educational schools in the country, with its fine complex of buildings and learning facilities. However, it has a peculiar quality of its own, which makes it very special not only to the students and the teachers, but also to those aspiring parents who seek admission for their children. The school is run in 18 acres of beautiful, serene, evergreen calm campus, which is conducive for healthy academic life in the residential pattern. It has ample open space with shady trees and it is adding aesthetic beauty of the campus and will certainly enrich the outdoor learning in a peaceful and wonderful atmosphere.


The aim of the HISSS is to prepare boys and girls academically, physically and morally fit to become an ideal and responsible citizens, to lead the mankind in different roles with harmony in the world.

HISSS seeks to work for the total development of the body, mind and spirit to the greatest extent of the youth. It enables the child to develop intellectually, socially and spiritually.

HISSS would guide to discover their hidden talents and work towards their all round development in order to place them at the service of society.

HISSS believe in the concept that the “Education should be the manifestation of the inherent inner potentials to the level of body, mind and spirit”. To unfold it, we need a flawless, everflowing and everlasting educational system, which uplifts the individual, the society and the country as a whole.

HISSS instills in the pupils the values of Love, freedom, forgiveness, honesty and justice.

HISSS pays attention to the development of the capacity to engage in relationships marked by truth and self-determination and training to understand the complex political reality and to enter into it in a constructive way.

HISSS imparts an appreciation of the Indian Heritage and enables the student to imbibe its culture and ethos for building a harmonious society, and at the same time to remain open to the positive elements of other culture.

HISSS takes full cognizance of the fact that education by its nature requires a community and a social environment and cannot allow itself to be isolated from the social context.

Total Education which implies a holistic approach, and it is concerned with the total development of an individual as a person, is the quintessence of HISSS.


HISSS is situated at Sirumalai, the cool environment and feeling of well being adds to the richness of the place, about 20 km from Dindigul in Natham Main Road, in its low profile summer get away. It is at an elevation of 1500m and spreads over 60,000 acres.

Sirumalai’s one third of the greenery is a private revenue land, on which coffee, cardamom, white pepper, banana and lemon are grown. In addition to this, silver oak, gooseberry and eucalyptus are also grown. Different varieties of medicinal plants are also growing in this area. The healthy, non-polluting environment is existing, even now that a stay in the HISSS would be rejuvenating to one's health and has a great therapeutic value.

The lovable uninterrupted chorus from numerous forest birds and insects is continuously heard. Sirumalai is a home to a variety of birds, bison, bear, panther, barking deer and slender Loris. Sirumalai has an annual rainfall of about 2,500 mm, with maximum and minimum temperature of 30°C and 15°C.


Global standard with Interacted Teaching Methodology

Well equipped Maths Laboratory.

Language Laboratory.

Science Laboratory (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

Social Science Laboratory.

Hi-tech Multimedia Computer Centre.

Internet and Broadband Facility.

Audio-Visual Hall.

Career Guidance & Preparing for an Interview.

Hygenic kitchen & Dining hall.

24 Hrs Medical facility.


Inculcates a sense of Independence.

Disciplined self style of living.

Instills confidence from an young age.

Structured time management on mindless pursuits.

Strengthen decision making ability.

Better interaction and understanding with the peer group, builds healthy relationships.

Time spent in commuting to and from the school is utilized effectively.

Exposure to other children from different background and environment.

Our Chairman

Dear Parents,
My warm greetings to all.

with immense pleasure, i welcome you to HISSS, Sirumalai. A legend for residential schooling of your children. I sincerely hope that the glance of our HISSS website will inspire your thoughts in mind and shall lead you to place your child in our campus positively.

Today's child is tomorrow's global citizen. Keeping this goal in mind, the HISSS is equipping the students with human values, culture and heritage along with academic excellence. The secret of hard work and importance of ethics through the holistic curriculum are given at HISSS.

Our dedicated faculty serves the children by providing standard education and motivates to reach greater heights. As we impart education to match the modern technology and globalization, we provide a sustainable values and environment to our students. These things help them to attain their goal.

    "Education breeds Confidence
     Confidence breeds Hope
     Hope breeds Peace"

HISSS teachings encourage academic excellence, self-understanding, creativity and integrity in a safe environment. HISSS education goes beyond traditional kinds of learning.

Our educational trust fulfils beyond your dream, to glorify the concept global education.


Our Motto


The logo of the school embodies the revolutionary changes in the perception of education. The glorious globe signifies eternal source of knowledge. "Nature never betray the heart that loverher" - The globe symbolizes the ultimate guidance of natural survival.

Whispering windmill emphasizes the remarkable and renewable source of energy. It possesses incredible wings, which pave the path of excellence. The three wings symbolize our spectacular moto, Wisdom, Courage and Golobal outlook. Wisdom and courage are instilled into the personality of our students. Wisdom develops ability to apply the knowledge judiciously in life. Courage brings the foundation of integrity. Global outlook signifies the encouragement to discover their strength, talents, interest and passion. Along with courage, we need peculiar perception to gain wisdom without hurting the nature. Nature is like a mirror, it reveals what you are.
     "Come forth
      into the light of things
      Let nature be your Teacher"
Mountain symbolizes the phenomenal victory. Mountain is hard to climb. But worth tha amazing to view from the top. In order to achieve, your desires for success should be great like mountaineering. All together we carve the students to shine in their life.

Our Vision
At HISSS, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience. HISSS will help each child to develop those attributes, which will make him/ her as a self-reliant citizen and a fine human being.

HISSS aims at making its students a Nation proud youngsters and bring a welcoming smile in the face of every parent.

HISSS student would be socially aware and humanistic, compassionate and kind, having pride in his country and believe in the concept of international brotherhood and peace.

Our Mission
HISSS will provide an atmosphere of excellence, creativity, mutual respect and enthusiasm that fulfils the demands of modern era with a commitment to personal growth and community development.

HISSS will provide a qualitative and value based CBSE curriculum to all students, alongwith TM, Pranayama, Yogasanas and TM Siddhi programme, which inculcates high moral, ethical and professional standards and carve out their own future.

HISSS teaches the students to develop Faith in themselves, integration of thoughts, word, deed and developing the cult of discipline, devotion, dedication, determination and discrimination.

HISSS will build and strengthen the character that will not break into fragments even in adulthood.