Admission Procedures

The classes for every academic year will commence from April. The school prospectus together with necessary form shall be obtained either in person at the HISSS,Sirumalai / at the Shri Maharishi Vidhya Mandir, Seelapadi, Dindigul OR by sending a Demand Draft for Rs. 500/ in favour of HILLOCK International Sr. Sec. School payable at Dindigul.

Admission procedure for Grade IV – IX and XI

All students will have to appear for an Aptitude Test in English, Mathematics and Second Language to qualify for admission. For admission in Grade X and XII, CBSE students alone will be considered on specific grounds. The Aptitude Test and Personal Interview will be held in the school on any day convenient between January and March every year.

Admission will be confirmed only after assessing the performance of the child in the Aptitude Test and in a Personal Interaction with the respective Coordinators. On confirmation of admission, parents will be required to submit a Conduct Certificate from the school attended previously and health certificate.

The question papers will be based on the general syllabi, not on the current textbooks.

Note that the child should be at least 8 years old for admission in Grade IV.

For International Candidates / NRIS

For prospective students from abroad, the Aptitude Test can be scheduled in the school, where the student is studying, provided the parents get a no objection certificate from the Head of the school (and let us know the email address to send the question papers). The details will be sent to parents individually along with our call letter, on receipt of registration form and fee from the parents.

For Class XI

For admission in Class XI, parents are required to visit the school with the candidate for a Personal Interaction and an Aptitude Test in English and Mathematics. The academic reports of classes VIII, IX and X along with a Character Certificate from the last school are mandatory for admission. Kindly note that admission for Grade XI and the choice of subjects / stream will be considered purely based on the results of the board exams and the stream taken.

It is very important that both parents of the student should visit the school for signing the documents and also ascertain the facilities offered by the school. The non-resident Indian and foreign parents of students are asked to specify one guardian for their children. Only parents (or authorized guardian in case of non-resident Indian and foreign students) whose name is entered in the school records at the time of admission, will be permitted to take the students out for mid-term break / vacation / outing etc. Parents of other students, family friends and local people will not be considered as guardians.

Our aim is to see that every child is happy once he/she joins the HISSS and we expect the same from the parents also. We will not admit any child unless the father/mother visits the school.

Our Academic calendar starts from mid-April to mid-March.

There are four terms per year.

I term – April to June; II term – July to September; III term – October to December and IV term – January to March.

These are two vacations in a year, one is the Winter vacation from mid-December to third week of January, the second one is the Summer vacation from mid-May to mid-July. For more details on yearly events, please go through the Academic Calendar.

The Registration Form downloaded from our website can be sent along with a Demand Draft for Rs 5,00/- in favour of Hillock International Sr. Sec. School payable at Dindigul, towards Provisional Registration to enable us to register your ward’s name for admission. We wish to make it clear that registering the name of the child and attending the interaction will not ensure a seat for your ward as this depends solely on (1) the performance of the child in the interaction and the Aptitude Test and (2) the vacancy position in the class for which admission is sought.

For information regarding fee payments and the formalities of admission, you are requested to kindly contact the Accounts Section / Admissions Office of the school over telephone or write to us at the mail Id.

You can submit the application online or download the application, take a printout, fill it and send the same to us.




Our Motto


The logo of the school embodies the revolutionary changes in the perception of education. The glorious globe signifies eternal source of knowledge. "Nature never betray the heart that loverher" - The globe symbolizes the ultimate guidance of natural survival.

Whispering windmill emphasizes the remarkable and renewable source of energy. It possesses incredible wings, which pave the path of excellence. The three wings symbolize our spectacular moto, Wisdom, Courage and Golobal outlook. Wisdom and courage are instilled into the personality of our students. Wisdom develops ability to apply the knowledge judiciously in life. Courage brings the foundation of integrity. Global outlook signifies the encouragement to discover their strength, talents, interest and passion. Along with courage, we need peculiar perception to gain wisdom without hurting the nature. Nature is like a mirror, it reveals what you are.
     "Come forth
      into the light of things
      Let nature be your Teacher"
Mountain symbolizes the phenomenal victory. Mountain is hard to climb. But worth tha amazing to view from the top. In order to achieve, your desires for success should be great like mountaineering. All together we carve the students to shine in their life.

Our Vision
At HISSS, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience. HISSS will help each child to develop those attributes, which will make him/ her as a self-reliant citizen and a fine human being.

HISSS aims at making its students a Nation proud youngsters and bring a welcoming smile in the face of every parent.

HISSS student would be socially aware and humanistic, compassionate and kind, having pride in his country and believe in the concept of international brotherhood and peace.

Our Mission
HISSS will provide an atmosphere of excellence, creativity, mutual respect and enthusiasm that fulfils the demands of modern era with a commitment to personal growth and community development.

HISSS will provide a qualitative and value based CBSE curriculum to all students, alongwith TM, Pranayama, Yogasanas and TM Siddhi programme, which inculcates high moral, ethical and professional standards and carve out their own future.

HISSS teaches the students to develop Faith in themselves, integration of thoughts, word, deed and developing the cult of discipline, devotion, dedication, determination and discrimination.

HISSS will build and strengthen the character that will not break into fragments even in adulthood.