Administration Block

The school office is a spacious, airy and eye-catching building with facilities such as computer systems, copier machines, intercom, LAN etc. It gives divine appearance with attractive pleasant garden. Either side of our school office entrance is adorned with terrace farm model.

Class Room

The classrooms are fitted with good illumination and ventilation. The walls are decorated with informative laminations and paintings depicting moral values. Outside every classroom, inspiring paintings of our great personalities to stimulate our students to follow their ideals.
Ergonomically designed furniture have been provided to the students.

Smart Classes

Interactive class room facilities with Regular Projector, Interactive Board and White Board, Server, Computer, UPS and other installation and net-work hardware, dealing with curriculum topics are available to students. By using this teachers can use audio and video aids to make students understand even the toughest topics. Three dimensional video pictures give clarity to such topics which need it.


To cultivate good reading habits, students are exposed to the world of books. A well stocked library with books, magazines and news papers. Also journals from across the world adorn the shelves of the library. The trained librarian guides the students to select the books.


Separate and spacious laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology provide ample opportunities for children to unearth their skills. The Laboratories possess all the modern facilities to encourage our young student scientists to observe, experiment, predict and arrive at logical conclusions and understand the concepts.

Computer Centre

To match the thinking of ‘Think ahead’ generation, the computer centre features latest computers with high speed internet connection.

Sports & Games

Students should have a neat combination of mental discipline and physical stability.

HISSS motivates the students to play and learn the rules of popular games, as play areas are provided for each game exclusively.

Opportunities for inter-scholastic competition are available in track & field, volleyball, hockey, football, basketball, cricket, tennis, badminton and table tennis.

HISSS also has a well-organized intramural sports programme for internal competition.

Recreational opportunities are also given importance during free hour sports.

Equipments are available in the Recreation Equipment Room. A Weight Room is available for students and staff.

Additionally, classes from Grades VI - IX will have a weekend class camp at some distance from the School, usually near a lake or a stream.

Class camps enable a good break from campus routine and are times to get better acquainted with other classmates and staff.

Sports facilities which are available now for playing are

Standard 400mts Athletic Track

Cricket field

Football field

Basketball courts

Volleyball courts

Ball Badminton courts

Kho-Kho Field

Table Tennis court




Medical Care

The school has a full time medical team, with experienced & qualified nurses to look after the children.

Our Motto


The logo of the school embodies the revolutionary changes in the perception of education. The glorious globe signifies eternal source of knowledge. "Nature never betray the heart that loverher" - The globe symbolizes the ultimate guidance of natural survival.

Whispering windmill emphasizes the remarkable and renewable source of energy. It possesses incredible wings, which pave the path of excellence. The three wings symbolize our spectacular moto, Wisdom, Courage and Golobal outlook. Wisdom and courage are instilled into the personality of our students. Wisdom develops ability to apply the knowledge judiciously in life. Courage brings the foundation of integrity. Global outlook signifies the encouragement to discover their strength, talents, interest and passion. Along with courage, we need peculiar perception to gain wisdom without hurting the nature. Nature is like a mirror, it reveals what you are.
     "Come forth
      into the light of things
      Let nature be your Teacher"
Mountain symbolizes the phenomenal victory. Mountain is hard to climb. But worth tha amazing to view from the top. In order to achieve, your desires for success should be great like mountaineering. All together we carve the students to shine in their life.

Our Vision
At HISSS, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience. HISSS will help each child to develop those attributes, which will make him/ her as a self-reliant citizen and a fine human being.

HISSS aims at making its students a Nation proud youngsters and bring a welcoming smile in the face of every parent.

HISSS student would be socially aware and humanistic, compassionate and kind, having pride in his country and believe in the concept of international brotherhood and peace.

Our Mission
HISSS will provide an atmosphere of excellence, creativity, mutual respect and enthusiasm that fulfils the demands of modern era with a commitment to personal growth and community development.

HISSS will provide a qualitative and value based CBSE curriculum to all students, alongwith TM, Pranayama, Yogasanas and TM Siddhi programme, which inculcates high moral, ethical and professional standards and carve out their own future.

HISSS teaches the students to develop Faith in themselves, integration of thoughts, word, deed and developing the cult of discipline, devotion, dedication, determination and discrimination.

HISSS will build and strengthen the character that will not break into fragments even in adulthood.