Residential Life in HISSS

Why Residential?

Inculcates a sense of Independence.

Disciplined self style of living.

Instills confidence from an young age.

Structured time management on mindless pursuits.

Strengthen decision making ability.

Better interaction and understanding with the peer group, builds healthy relationships.

Time spent in commuting to and from the school is utilized effectively.

Exposure to other children from different background and environment.

Facilities For Residents

Every effort is made to keep our students feel comfortable as at home.


Our primary concern is the provision of the amenities and convenience that are to be given for the students in the dormitories. It has been earnest endeavour to make their stay in the dormitory 'a home away from home', where the chlidern are provided with not only a homely ambience but also with opportunities to enhance creativity and learning.

Separate dormitories are provided for the boys and girls. Allotment of dormitories would be done in such a way, so that children grow up among their own peers and among the same age groups. Each dormitory will be taken care by the Dormitory Administrators. Dorm Nurse is in-charge of keeping the items of the student concerned clean and is also responsible for providing personal assistance, especially for the children of age group, 8 – 10, as they may not be able to care for themselves. The dormitories are kept clean and tidy at all times and this work is done when the children are in the classrooms. At any time of the day and on any day, the dormitory is clean to the very minute detail. Nurses, Teachers, Counsellors and the Coordinators pay visits to the dormitories at least once in a day to maintain the cleanliness standards of the dorms, and to ensure that everything is well with the students.

Dormitory complex has state-of-the art boilers, to provide hot water for all the children to bathe once in a day, which is compulsory. The dormitories of students taking the board examinations have additional facilities with furniture for them to study in the night till 11.00 p.m. and also early in the morning, from 4.00 a.m. Each dormitory complex has a DVD player and a television set, not for spending too much time listening to music or to watch movies, but to have a little entertainment during weekends and also to listen to the news telecast daily through various channels. It is to be noted that more than 10 staff members are directly involved in dormitory administration, and Dormitory Administrators, Dorm Nurses and scores of helpers, who clean and keep tidy every nook and corner of the dormitories.

It is evident that a sizeable portion of the budget is allocated to maintain and administer the important portfolio of resident facilities in our fully residential school. The toilets are provided with the best of sanitary ware, and all measures are taken to maintain the best standards of health and hygiene.


A well-balanced, wholesome and nutritious vegetarian food is provided to the students. All the members of staff dine with the students.

The visiting parents are welcome to join the students at a meal. The menu will be changed periodically to cater to the variety.

The school caters specially to the needs of children, who are under special dietary restrictions, on the advice of the Medical Officer.

Proposed Menu

08:00 AM
11:00 AM
12:30 PM
04:00 PM
08:00 PM
Sunday Milk Two sets of Bread with Butter & Jam, Idly, Sambar, Chutney, Vadai Veg soup Chappathy & Veg. Gravy, Veg.Briyani, Tamarind Rice, Curd Rice, Potato Chips, Fruit Salad and Boiled Egg, Payasam Veg Puff, Milk Parotta, Veg Noodles, Veg kuruma, One Fruit
Monday Milk Two sets of Bread with Butter & Jam, Poori, Potato Masal, Paruppu Vadai, Chutney Tomato Corn Soup Chappathy & Veg. Gravy, Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Butter Milk, Appalam, Two vegetables each 50g, Pickle, Fruit Salad and Egg Podimas , One Sweet Sundal, Milk Veg Rice, Dosa, Sambar Chutney, Egg Semi Gravy, One Fruit.
Tuesday Milk Two sets of Bread with Butter and Jam & Onion Dosa , Sambar Vadai, Chutney Veg Soup Chappathy & Veg. Gravy, Rice, Thatta Payaru Kuzhambu , Rasam, Butter Milk, Appalam, Two vegetables each 50g, Pickle, Fruit Salad and Egg Omelette, Kalkandu Rice. Onion Bajji, Milk Dosa, Iddiyappam , Sodhi Sambar, Veg Curry, One Fruit.
Wednesday Milk Two sets of Bread with Butter and Jam & Chola Poori, Chenna Masal, Mysore Bonda, Chutney Mushroom Soup Chappathy & Veg. Gravy, Tomato Rice, Lemon Rice, Curd Rice, Pickle, Fruit Salad and Egg Gravy, Payasam Sundal, Milk Idly, Masal Dosa & Mushroom Gravy, Chutney, One Fruit.
Thursday Milk Two sets of Bread with Butter & Jam, Idly, Sambar, Chutney, Paruppu Vadai Tomato Soup Chappathy & Veg. Gravy, Rice, Mor Kuzhambu, Kollu Paruppu Rasam, Butter Milk, Appalam, Two Vegetables each 50g, Pickle, Fruit Salad and Egg Omelette, One Sweet Bombay Samosa, Milk Idly , Dosa, Sambar Chuntney, One fruit.
Friday Milk Two sets of Bread with Butter & Jam, Dosa, Sambar, Chutney, Vadai Mushroom Soup Chappathy & Veg. Gravy, Rice, Vathakuzhambu, Rasam, Butter Milk, Appalam, 50g Veg, Pickle, Fruit Salad and Egg Podimas, One Sweet Potato Bonda, Milk Mushroom Briyani, Dosa Sambar & Mushroom Gravy, Onion Raitha, One Fruit.
Saturday Milk One set of Bread Omelette & Onion dosa, Kara Vadai, Chutney Veg Soup Chappathy & Veg. Gravy, Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Butter Milk, Appalam, Two vegetables each 50g, Pickle, Fruit Salad and Egg Podimas, One Sweet Sundal, Milk Chola Poori, Chenna Masal, One Fruit.

Laundry services are available.

Our school is equipped with a multi-bed hospital with basic medical facilities to attend the medical needs of the child. Periodical health checkups are conducted to ensure the well-being of the child. Maintain medical records and regular reports will be sent to their parents.

It is important for students to learn self-motivation and how to work on their own. Students should spend time every night reviewing the day’s work, practicing skills and assignment work.

The school will always be in constant touch with the parents and provides regular updates, notification, circular through SMS/Email.

Every child has to follow all the rules and regulations codified. The School will take appropriate action for damage or destruction of property caused by students either willfully/accidentally.

General Information

Discipline is a vital part of our school welfare policy. The child is expected to follow all the rules and regulations specified. Upon breach of discipline of any sort, the school reserves the right to make a decision that needs to protect the interests of student community.

Children are strictly prohibited from carrying toys, games, electronic gadgets or other valuable items or wearing gold ornaments to school. The Management is not responsible for loss of money or valuables in the premises.

Peer Counselling

We have an effective Peer Counselling programme. Selected students, under the guidance of adult counsellors, assist their fellow students as listeners and helpers to deal with problems like homesickness, discouragement, adjustment issues, etc. A team of adult counsellors, under the guidance of the Professional Counsellors, will facilitate a healing atmosphere for students, who need guidance at various levels to deal with multiple problems and to achieve their potential.

Career Guidance, Counselling, Training

A modern student bears tremendous pressure to equip himself/herself to the aspiration. To reduce such pressure, a core group of faculty members of various discipline serve as counsellors. Our counsellors listen to and advice every child, who needs guidance, keeping in mind their cultural backgrounds and academic abilities. Students are helped with career choices, inter personal and emotional problems.

To prepare themselves for the Technical / Medical Entrance examinations, we provide special coaching for the students on IIT and NEET entrance examinations by skilled faculties.

Our Motto


The logo of the school embodies the revolutionary changes in the perception of education. The glorious globe signifies eternal source of knowledge. "Nature never betray the heart that loverher" - The globe symbolizes the ultimate guidance of natural survival.

Whispering windmill emphasizes the remarkable and renewable source of energy. It possesses incredible wings, which pave the path of excellence. The three wings symbolize our spectacular moto, Wisdom, Courage and Golobal outlook. Wisdom and courage are instilled into the personality of our students. Wisdom develops ability to apply the knowledge judiciously in life. Courage brings the foundation of integrity. Global outlook signifies the encouragement to discover their strength, talents, interest and passion. Along with courage, we need peculiar perception to gain wisdom without hurting the nature. Nature is like a mirror, it reveals what you are.
     "Come forth
      into the light of things
      Let nature be your Teacher"
Mountain symbolizes the phenomenal victory. Mountain is hard to climb. But worth tha amazing to view from the top. In order to achieve, your desires for success should be great like mountaineering. All together we carve the students to shine in their life.

Our Vision
At HISSS, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience. HISSS will help each child to develop those attributes, which will make him/ her as a self-reliant citizen and a fine human being.

HISSS aims at making its students a Nation proud youngsters and bring a welcoming smile in the face of every parent.

HISSS student would be socially aware and humanistic, compassionate and kind, having pride in his country and believe in the concept of international brotherhood and peace.

Our Mission
HISSS will provide an atmosphere of excellence, creativity, mutual respect and enthusiasm that fulfils the demands of modern era with a commitment to personal growth and community development.

HISSS will provide a qualitative and value based CBSE curriculum to all students, alongwith TM, Pranayama, Yogasanas and TM Siddhi programme, which inculcates high moral, ethical and professional standards and carve out their own future.

HISSS teaches the students to develop Faith in themselves, integration of thoughts, word, deed and developing the cult of discipline, devotion, dedication, determination and discrimination.

HISSS will build and strengthen the character that will not break into fragments even in adulthood.