To Inspire, Influence and Initiate.

Welcome to Hillock International Senior Secondary school (HISSS)

An International residential school established in 2005 at Sirumalai, with a perspective of delivering phenomenal educational services. The school is owned by Hillock Educational Trust (HET), a Charitable and Non profitable Educational organization which is affiliated to Maharishi Educational Trust(MET).

HET is rejuvenated with an ultimate goal of delivering high standard educational environment to all of our students. Our objective is to establish the new management as an old hand in quality education. We differentiate ourselves from other co-educational schools by providing world-class learning opportunities for our students.

We accomplish our educational goals through well-balanced delivery of curriculum with broad range of instructional techniques and faculty members who show passion in teaching, experimental learning and extra-curricular activities.

Aims and Objectives

HISSS aims to prepare students with decisive attitude, beneficial citizenship values and as confident human beings with substantial physical and mental health. We build energetic students who relish learning and at the same time motivate their potential at different levels to face the challenges of modern education and life ethics. We provide high quality educational environment to deliver suitable instructional approaches that enhances individuality and thereby producing globally efficient individuals. We are committed towards high standard of teaching and learning methodologies by emphasizing more towards.

  • Experienced skillful faculty members
  • Well equipped laboratories and library
  • Creative and easily reaching teaching techniques
  • Career Guidance and Counseling
  • Language and communication
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Quick transport facility
  • Hygienic studying and staying environment
  • 24/7 Medical facilities


Our vision is to create powerful leaders of modern society by empowering our students to apply their knowledge, skills and personal aspects in a productive manner. We envision our students to be lateral thinkers, decision makers and problem solvers in the global community by motivating their thought process in an efficient way.

Our Teachers



Office Manager

Tony Teo

Support Manager

Jane Nguyen


Ryze Faker