Advisory Board

The school advisory board plays a key role in directing the school towards strategic development and thereby promoting its value. Our school advisory board reinforce the decision-making process with the experience and expertise of board members in order to satisfy the requirements of students. Advisory board members are elected as school community representatives who review the progress of working committees, school programs and our agenda towards development. Board provides recommendations and guidance to the administration to formulate and adopt the policies regarding school’s operational functions. It regularly monitors the quality of teaching, achievement, behavior and safety. Board members support active governance of our school and engage in well organized meeting with our school’s influential stakeholders e.g. Parents, students and staff.

Members of Advisory Board

Our school advisory board members are selected based on their expertise and skills to make a key difference towards the well being of school. Board members take part in important decisions towards educational success of our organization. Our board with ten to fifteen members handle marketing, finance, curriculum, legal issues and organizational management. The board members elect officers for efficient management of responsibilities and tasks. Board extends its assistance in policy development, public relations and marketing. It comprises of separate committees for the above mentioned departments.