The curriculum at HISSS is designed to deliver holistic education and thereby achieving academic excellence. It motivates our students to become enduring learners and seek transformational and experimental knowledge. Our programs are consistent with pedagogical technique. The interdisciplinary teaching approach at HISSS provides wonderful opportunity for students to apply their knowledge, values and principles on more than one academic subject at the same time.

HISSS curriculum ensures that our students succeed as well-rounded individuals - physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and culturally. Our curriculum comprises of exercises and built-in activities to support cross curricular learning. This approach empowers students to apply their knowledge effectively in a range of contexts and to acquire high level reasoning abilities.

Meanwhile, our teachers enrich the learning experience of students by helping them to connect with our educational approaches. Students learn to surmount the challenging academic rigours and to apply their obtained knowledge to real world demands. Our commitment towards education is exemplified by phenomenal test scores of our students from class X to XII in CBSE Board examinations.

Our school comprises of nine standards – class IV to XII.  The subjects offered for class IV to XII are listed below.

IV and V VI to VIII IX and X XI and XII
English English English SCIENCE STREAM
Tamil (Second language) Tamil (Second language) Tamil (Second language) English
Hindi (Third language) Hindi (Third language) Mathematics Mathematics
Mathematics Mathematics Integrated Science Physics
General Science Integrated Science Biology Chemistry
Social Science Biology Chemistry Biology / Computer Science
General knowledge Chemistry Physics COMMERCE STREAM
Physical education Physics Social Science English
Art & Craft Social Science History Business studies
Value education History Civics Economics
Civics Geography Accountancy
Geography Economics Mathematics / Computer Science
Art & Craft Disaster Management
General knowledge
Physical education
Value education

Co-Scholastic assessment subjects for class IX and X are work experience, art education, life skills and physical & health education. Science and commerce streams are available for class XI and XII students. For them, work experience, physical education, training in life skills, health education and value education are covered for internal assessment.


  • Learning of foreign language – To make the students smarter, more decisive and even better at English, FRENCH / GERMAN is taught in our school.
  • Student exchange programme – To promote international educational and cultural exchange, to develop understanding between the people, this programme is proposed from this academic year onwards.