Providing safe

and educational environment

Helping each

of our students fulfill their potential

Providing students

scrupulous academics




At HISSS, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience. HISSS will help each child to develop those attributes, which will make him/ her as a self-reliant citizen and a fine human being.

HISSS aims at making its students a Nation proud youngsters and bring a welcoming smile in the face of every parent.

HISSS student would be socially aware and humanistic, compassionate and kind, having pride in his country and believe in the concept of international brotherhood and peace.


HISSS will provide an atmosphere of excellence, creativity, mutual respect and enthusiasm that fulfils the demands of modern era with a commitment to personal growth and community development.

HISSS will provide a qualitative and value based CBSE curriculum to all students, alongwith TM, Pranayama, Yogasanas and TM Siddhi programme, which inculcates high moral, ethical and professional standards and carve out their own future.

HISSS teaches the students to develop Faith in themselves, integration of thoughts, word, deed and developing the cult of discipline, devotion, dedication, determination and discrimination.

HISSS will build and strengthen the character that will not break into fragments even in adulthood.


Hillock International Senior Secondary School (HISSS) is owned and run by the Hillock Educational Trust (HET), a Charitable and Non profitable Educational Trust. The school is a completely residential, at a Hill station,-Sirumalai, near Dindigul. The HET is rejuvenated with a new blood on 01.06.2016, in its true spirit, to uphold the ideology of education. New board of trustees brought in is a milestone in the history of HISSS. The trust has its valued bond with Maharishi Educational Trust (MET), a pioneer in the educational field. HET is the legal entity for the school and is responsible for its financial stability and building its assets as well as its ethos and philosophy.

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Welcome to the HILLOCK INTERNATIONAL SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL (HISSS) located at Sirumalai, Dindigul, established in the year 2005. Education is a continuous process by which successive generations are prepared for the more and more sophisticated and complex future. The aim of the institution is to develop every innate trait of the child in a holistic manner.


Global Standard Interacted Teaching Methodology.

Well equipped Maths Laboratory.

Language Laboratory.

Science Laboratory (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

Social Science Laboratory.

Hi-tech Multimedia Computer Centre.

Internet and Broadband Facility.

Audio-Visual Hall.

Career Guidance & Preparing for an Interview.

Hygienic kitchen for serving high class vegetarian food.

24 Hrs Medical facility.