Co-Curricular Activities

To a greater extent, theoretical knowledge is intensified when a co-curricular activity associated with the subject taught, is standardized. HISSS firmly believes that well-rounded development of students such as physical growth, character building, creativity, spiritual and moral values, etc., are backed up by co-curricular activities. Therefore, we offer a lot of programs to make our students explore their hidden talents, understand the classroom training and involve in group activities outside the regular classroom. We take your child a long way in their life journey by instilling a sense of healthy competition.

Our school activities are designed in such a way that it gives a felicitous mix of student’s academic participation and a chance for all round personality development. We improve intellectual, social and civic values, psychological values, physical development values, cultural and recreational values of students through wide range of our co-curricular activities. We channel their strengths in positive direction to inculcate self-confidence, honesty and leadership qualities. Parents can encourage their wards to participate actively in these tasks. Our students show excellent academic results and lead a healthy lifestyle with our co-curricular programs.

The school offers the following co-curricular activities

Debate and Discussion
Art & Craft
Inter-School Competitions
Music & Dance Activities
Fancy Dress Competitions
Sculpture Making
Declamation Contests
Trips To Place Of Historical, Geographical, Cultural Or Economic Interest